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Welsh terrier - rock musician John Cale
Cale may be a rock musician but he is nonetheless a trained musician in the classical sense. Thus, his music is never the simplistic three-chord variety ...
New Statesman, 1/15/99 by Richard Cook

Classical: It's only rock'n'roll
Among my biggest regrets is having missed the 1960s. Not the fashion or the drugs, I hasten to add, but the music. Creative things were happening then ...

Independent, The (London), 10/25/05 by Jessica Duchen

Jet: classic rock cutups who are bluesy, woozy, and Keith Richards-approved - Music Buzz - Brief Article
Every so often a band like Jet comes along that proves the rules of making records can be safely ignored. The Australian quartet's debut EP, Dirty Sweet ...

The Classic Rock and Roll Reader: Rock Music from It's Beginnings to the Mid-1970's. - book review
William E. Studwell and D. F. Lonergan. The Classic Rock and Roll Reader: Rock Music from It's Beginnings to the Mid-1970's. New York: Haworth Press, ...
Popular Music and Society, 12/22/00 by B. Lee Cooper
Arrow on target for classic rock
A GROUND-BREAKING deal between digital radio rock station The Arrow and Classic Rock magazine has been unveiled by regional digital radio consortium ...
ERT Weekly, 11/25/04

Classic rock, teen pop grown up and one surprisingly slowly brewed comeback - Sound Advice - various recordings reviewed - Sound Recording Review
CHRISTINA AGUILERA Stripped (RCA Records) Despite calling in producers like Pink's fairy godmother Linda Perry, Aguilera's most valuable asset is ...

Interview, 11/1/02
'People are as interested in rock and pop as they are in classical':
Nicholas Kenyon, 54, is preparing for the 111th Prom season, which starts on 15 July. What are the Proms about ? Bringing the widest possible ...
Independent, The (London), 4/27/05

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