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Class conscious: I've always believed in a hierarchy of rock music. No Meatloaf for me
Is it snobbish to object to the star rating system by which most art forms are now graded in the press? I was reading a few star-rated theatre reviews ...
4/18/05 by Andrew Martin

Music mirrors emotions in time of terror - September 11: a year later - rock and country music United States - Brief Article
The entertainment world has responded to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in many ways. Along with an onslaught of war ...

9/6/02 by Matt Stoulil

What is indie rock?
This article defines the music category "indie rock" not just as an aesthetic genre, but as a method of social differentiation as well as a marketing tool. Using Pierre Bourdieu's concept

Expensive talk: the gracelessness of the rock-and-roll left
MRS. JELLYBY, in Dickens's Bleak House, was so concerned for the welfare of the natives of Borrioboola-Gha, on the left bank of the Niger, that she quite neglected to look after her own children, w
8/8/05 by Anthony Daniels
'What's that stuff you're listening to sir?' Rock and pop music as a rich source for historical enquiry
Building on the wonderful articles by Mastin and Sweerts & Grice in TH 108, Simon Butler urges us here to make greater use of rock and pop music in history ...
Teaching History, 6/1/03 by Butler, Simon

That rock 'n' roll music
Music, so it is said, can calm the savage beast. I'm not so sure myself. It's often more a case of music makes the savage beast especially if the blaring ...

Company Car, 1/1/05

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