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Baby, won't you sell my car? - rock music Chumbawamba - Brief Article
Oh-What-a-Feeling is out. Oh-What-a-Soundtrack is in. Car commercials, long home to cloying corporate jingles, are increasingly leaving the music to ...
5/1/02 by Tim Dickinson

Arcade Fire: Montreal's music scene was already simmering. This band may just bring it to a boil
4-10 Win Butler, the lead singer of Arcade Fire, is driving his band through the Joshua Tree desert in California, a place that's been synonymous with spiritual, epic, larger-than-life rock 'n' r...

2/1/05 by Sarah Wilson
Prince: royal rocker still reigns after 25 years of music
His name is Prince and he is still funky. His name is Prince, the one and only. And he is having the last Laugh. The Royal Rocker has silenced the ...
4/26/04 by Margena A. Christian

Branson's best season: come fall in the Missouri Ozarks, the nation's music show capital takes on a special glow
UNLESS YOU'VE BEEN TO Branson, you've probably never heard of Shoji Tabuchi, a master fiddler from Japan who sports spangly jackets and a n]op of black ...

9/1/04 by Randy Mink

Slobberbone - rock group - Brief Article
Byline: DAVID SIMONS One day in 1994, Slobberbone guitarist-songwriter Brent Best rounded up 11 of his best songs and headed for a nearby studio with ...

5/1/02 by David Simons

Men on fire: these five brothers are burning up the music charts and box office this spring with enough heat to spare. They're sure to make your temperature
DJlMON HOUNSOU Despite his modelesque physique and Academy Award-nominated performance in 2002's In America, Djimon Hounsou, 41, was never cast as ...

4/1/05 by Jeannine Amber
Planet Rock - Brief Article - Critical Essay
They spin everyone from Moby to Michael into pop orbit. Meet superproducers the Neptunes. QUESTION: DOES BRITNEY Spears really simulate an orgasm on her next album? The Neptunes won't say. "She's
11/1/01 by Devon Jackson
Pancho And Redbone - rock musicians evaluate other rock musicians
A GUIDE TO ASS--KICKIN' ROCK HOWDY DOO FOLKS, MR. ANDY HARRIS HERE, writing at my desk unit near the verdant green hills of Palos Verdes. Now, from ...
Thrasher Magazine, 12/1/01

Johnny Hallyday: the making of France's rock king
IT was always easy to underestimate Johnny Hallyday. Wasn't he just some French knock-off of American rock n'rollers? Didn't he take English-language ...

Contemporary Review, 9/1/04 by Barnett Singer

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