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Arrow on target for classic rock

A GROUND-BREAKING deal between digital radio rock station The Arrow and Classic Rock magazine has been unveiled by regional digital radio consortium MXR Digital.

It is thought to be the first commercial radio station to write and produce a radio programme that is based on magazine content.

"The Classic Rock Magazine Show" [the first show goes on air on Friday] will be hosted by Nick Hennegan who will play an hour of music from artists featured in the magazine broken with talk and comment from Classic Rock editor Sian Llewellyn.

The magazine will return the favour by carrying editorial about The Arrow in its news pages highlighting Arrow programmes, guests and upcoming play lists.

"We are thrilled to have this unique relationship," said MXR marketing director Diane Wray.

"Now rock fans can read about a future or past classic in Classic Rock magazine, then tune in to listen to tracks on The Arrow to make up their own minds before buying."

Programme director of the The Arrow, Alan Carruthers, added: "The recent explosion of musical choice on digital radio, mirrors the wide variety of magazines now available in the UK.

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