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'People are as interested in rock and pop as they are in classical':

Nicholas Kenyon, 54, is preparing for the 111th Prom season, which starts on 15 July.

What are the Proms about ?

Bringing the widest possible audience in the best possible circumstance to hear the highest-quality classical music performers we can find.

What's different this year?

I wanted something specially for children. That's why we have devised a project with four groups of children involved in the Proms and with 100 children coming to London on 30 July to perform alongside the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

Which performance are you most looking forward to?

Always the next performance, so at the moment it's the first night, particularly because the first half is going to be televised on BBC1 this year.

Does classical music appeal to younger generations?

Children are being brought up on a pop, soundbite culture and the challenge posed by classical music is considerable, but there are ways into it that have not been explored enough. The Proms is one such entry point .

Are orchestra audiences still associated with a social elite?

No, not after a century of recording and broadcasting. Boundaries between music are dissolving; people are equally interested in rock and pop as they are in classical.

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Master of the Queen's Music, has said classical music is on the brink of extinction. Do you agree?

No. Max is a very positive spirit but, I think, has been too discouraged by the state of education . But I am very supportive of something like the government music manifesto.

Do you prefer radio or TV?

Radio for stimulation, TV for relaxation.

What is your favourite music?

I was brought up on church music, which has stayed very close to my heart.

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