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Wrestling with Your Mate A Novel Approach to Firing Up Your Relationship

Have you thought of exciting novel ideas for heating up your relationship, love life, or nights in the bedroom? Have you tried the obvious ways of enticing your mate to get them in the romantic mood? A great dinner and cuddling doesn't always work. You've slipped into your finest sexy teddy and modeled your assets only to find him more interested in the football game on the tube. You've caressed him with the greatest slow massage with soft music in the background and the candles lit only to have him fall asleep before he can reciprocate. Sound familiar? Throw them a curve. Sometimes creating an activity clearly and completely out of the norm and off the cuff will prove to be an exciting and erotic escape to discovery and relationship enhancement.

Here is something you may want to try to get your blood flowing. Most males and females have a competitive streak in them and it will definitely surface when one engages in a wrestling match; even with your lover. Whether you admit it or not, we all like to win and wrestling will bring out the best in every individual, male or female. I know of a few couples who have already experimented with it and even continue to do so once they have tried it because they find it ideal at relieving stress and channeling that stress and energy into something physical and satisfying.

So how to you go about bringing up the subject to your spouse or significant other? If you find that asking your mate "Do you want to wrestle" perhaps weird and awkward, here's one suggestion. There are numerous ways of going about it, but try straddling him or her and pinning their arms down while they are lying on the couch or bed. Ask them what they are going to do now. That is sure to start it off, unless your partner is a complete dud. Take it from there. Most men (believe it or not) relish the fact that the female is taking the role of the aggressor, and being the competitive animals they are; will usually try to reverse it.

Tell him "Let's see what you've got!" If he responds like most men will, you will start wrestling. If you really try to control and pin your partner and he or she does the same, this can be a very rigorous and exhilarating experience. Taking it a bit further from here with a little imagination can also be fun and sensual.

Applying baby oil to each other prior to your wrestling match can be quite erotic and stimulating as well as a lot of slippery fun. Just make sure you protect the furniture and carpet with plastic sheeting that you can purchase in the paint department at your local hardware store. An added bonus is that the oil is great for the skin. So be creative. As long as you set guidelines and do not employ holds or maneuvers that may injure your partner, wrestling can be a very rewarding and erotic experience for both sexes.

Try something new and out of the ordinary to spice up your relationship and see what happens after that. I'm sure that you both will find it to be a well worthwhile and fun activity, great exercise, and a "warm up" to better things later. Copyright (c) 2007 Ted Crawford.

Dr. Ted Crawford has a website devoted to helping patients find reliable information and products to enhance and improve their sexual lives and relationships. His article "Wrestling with Your Mate; A Novel Approach to Firing Up Your Relationship" can also be found at

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