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Snuff Bullet Gifts Make A Comeback

Snuff bullets are rapidly becoming the modern day equivalent of the good old fashioned snuff box. Amongst the younger generations, carrying nasal snuff tobacco in a bullet is surprisingly starting to be seen as a must have fashion accessory. Some people even have a bullet for each variety of snuff and take several different snuff bullets out with them daily, as they're small and convenient to carry.

Perhaps the early rise in snuff bullet sales can be attributed to other more 'hedonistic' practices; but with the recent UK wide smoking ban, (which into effect in July 2007) the sales of snuff related products, including all manner of snuff dispensers have seen a rise, as people look for a smokeless tobacco alternative. Most popular amoung the snuff bullet selection are the metal varieties, which are tagged under names such as; the posh, schnifters, the bullet, snorters and snojems. Snuff bullets also come in acrylic as well as glass and are manufactured in a variety of colours, so there's bound to be a snuff bullet for every individual's unique taste.

Snuff bullets come in all different shapes and sizes, most are about 5cm to 7 cm tall, so can be easily carried in one's pocket and several allow for changes in snuff dosage measurement adjustments, which allow snuff to delivered in convenient single shot doses as determined by the individual user at the turn of a dial. Most snuff bullets hold about two grams of snuff, which is usually more than an adequate daily snuff supply - any more and the snuff may go off before being used, any less and the user may face the unfortunate situation of running out of snuff during the day! The snuff is then tapped from the bullet and sniffed from the wrist, or the bullet is taken to the nostril and the snuff sniffed directly into the nose - snuff bullets have a little 'air hole' in the side that allow for easy sniffing. Using a snuff bullet is an easy skill to master. As long as the snuff isn't too damp, one only has to turn a dial and the snuff in a single shot dose should flow easily out of the bullet. Care should be taken when sniffing directly from the bullet. One should aim to sniff hard enough to get the snuff to the back of the nostril, but not so hard that the snuff is sniffed to the back of the throat.

Snuff bullets allow snuff users to indulge in their snuff taking in an inconspicuous manner. They're tactile, in-expensive and perfectly engineered objects. Throughout history snuff taking has had many hidden rules of engagement and these have often been seen to signify social status. Used widely amongst noblemen and the common man alike, the more elegantly snuff was taken, the higher the social status of the snuffer. This also materialised in the snuff boxes carried at the time, with many fancy designs and materials such as gold, silver, ivory and rosewood being used to create elaborately carved snuff dispensers.

Historically, the giving of a snuff box as a gift was seen as an ideal present for any gentleman or lady - no matter their social class. It would appear with the rise in snuff usage, that the snuff bullet will soon replace the snuff box as the ideal present to give to any gentleman or lady in the twenty first century.

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