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IPod Music Downloads Full Disclosure About Download Sites

iPod music downloads sites have sprung up over the past year, offering more than one place to download music for your iPod. So you have bought a new iPod or already own one and are thinking if you should be purchasing membership to one of the many iPod music downloads sites? Although iTunes is great and has a huge library and variety of music, it certainly is not the cheapest place to download music for iPod. Each song costs you less than a dollar and by normal standards is considered affordable, but when we are talking about downloading more music, it all adds up. Read on to find out where folks are merrily downloading unlimited iPod music for a one time charge.

What are some of the benefits in using membership sites that offer unlimited iPod music downloads? Well, enough reason for more than 10 million users to be downloading at these sites. 1. Cost of Membership The one-time membership charge for lifetime access to unlimited iPod music downloads has won them many loyal followers.

This beats paying per download or buying a CD at the music store. New music, bands and singers will keep sashaying onto the music scene, and you never have to worry about paying an extra dollar for their songs. 2. Media Files Other than Music How does it sound to you if you not only have access to unlimited number of iPod music downloads, but millions of movies, music videos and TV shows as well? Surely this sounds like a fantastic deal. 3.

Compatible File Formats These sites would provide you with free bundled software to convert songs and movies to MP3 and H.264 video format that is iPod-friendly. You need not cough out a single cent to purchase expensive video conversion software. While all seems rosy, there are some pitfalls to watch out for. Some of these iPod music downloads sites are the black sheep of the lot. 1.

Legality of Music Downloads Several of these sites are plain scams that offer you nothing but copyrighted music. Be wary of what you are downloading and the source of the music. If you are not careful, you could be infringing on copyright laws. 2. Ultra-slow Download Speeds Some sites are notoriously slow where downloading is concerned.

This could well be because website owners are skimping on hosting services. If they cannot be bothered with improving their network access speeds to cope with the traffic, you simply do not need to waste time with them. There are better choices. 3.

Lousy Customer Support Good customer and technical support is important to you as a consumer. Several of these sites failed terribly in this aspect. Slow response to customer feedback and request for help are what one should be expecting when you download at these iPod downloads sites. I hope this article has prepared you to open your eyes wide when choosing a site to download music for your iPod. Speed up your shopping for a download site and read reviews of excellent and trusted membership sites for iPod music downloads at my blog. The content of this article is provided for the purpose of education and illustration only and is in no way associated with Apple, iTune, or any company or subsidiary of Apple.

This article may be freely reprinted or distributed in its entirety in any ezine, newsletter, blog or website. The author's name, bio and website links must remain intact and be included with every reproduction.

Davion is a successful webmaster and author. Find out how you can access to unlimited ipod music downloads - digital quality music and music videos instantly and easily from home at

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