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Great Ideas to Fund Raising

Fund Raising is not an easy task. Lots of time and effort must be put in and the returns are often not predictable. I can help you out by giving you some GREAT, proven ideas to raise funds for your event.

Selling Candy bars for Fundraising Many students sell candy bars for their schools. Students will most likely sell candy bars for a trip that their entire class plans to take. By selling the candy bars the student is able to go on the trip for a fraction of the cost.

Schools usually choose candy bars as their fundraisers because it's a quick sell. For a dollar or so the student could sell candy bars to anyone they pass. Many students have their mom or dad to take some to work and sell them to their co-workers. Other times a student or organization will go to local shopping centers and stores, sit in a designated area, and sell candy bars to those who enter or leave the building. This is a great way to sell boxes of candy bars. If the student isn't selling for a trip, they are selling for an organization.

Many times you can see the boy Scots sitting outside a shopping center and asking everyone to donate money to other organization or to raise money for the troops. This is very affective because most people donate money so that they can feel better about themselves. Selling foods Many fundraisers are not just candy bars. Many times, they will offer foods to people. For example, you may sell hoagies, pizzas, cookies, and such to help raise money for an organization or a trip. Many high schools choose to offer these types of fundraisers because you can make a lot of money without having to sell a lot.

Even though these types of sells are not quick, students are not expected to sell as much as they would have to with candy bars. Another reason why they are sold for fundraisers is because people would rather buy something healthier than a candy bar. Many people have diabetes and can't buy candies, so they will be more likely to purchase something that they could have for dinner or split among loved ones as a snack. Selling foods is another fundraiser that people will purchase more of because they can take a pizza and freeze it. Selling tickets When it comes to selling tickets usually, organizations are more prone to do this type of fundraiser.

They will have something usually donated like a car or gun and then they will either do it like a raffle or lottery ticket. Raffles are nice because you usually don't have to be there to win and you can win things that you need like TVs or if it's a hunting association they may raffle off a gun. Lotteries are much different. You purchase the ticket and then on a certain day you have to watch the lottery and find out if you have won the money or prize that is stated on the ticket. Rather it's a raffle or a lottery, the customer will only purchase it if it's something they would want.

Most people won't stop to purchase the ticket unless it benefits a research society or organization. Again people get involved in these types of fundraisers to feel better about themselves and possible have a chance at winning the prize. For tickets to really sell, you have to emphasis either the prize or who will benefit from the proceeds.

Chances Chances are much like raffles but are different. For most chances, you have to be present to win the prize. The organization will sell tickets for something big and extravagant in hopes to have people show up to the celebration or such in order to collect the prize. By doing a chance, your main concern is selling as many tickets as possible.

The more tickets you sell the more people are going to show up at the event and eventually the more the organization will make in money. To really sell chances and organization will need to set up at local stores and such. Usually there are two people who represent the cause and sell the chances. The one person is in charge of selling the chances and while they are selling the chances, the other person is informing the person of their event and persuading them to come see the event and support the organization. When you are selling chances, you are usually selling two things, the tickets and the event.

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