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Dance dresses and ballroom

Getting all Dressed up to Dance The colors and sparkle of a ballroom dress and the sexy silhouette of a Latin dress are what make this art form so spectacular. For competitions and exhibitions the dance dress will play a pivotal role in showing you more about the dancer. The design of the dress will aid the dancer as she turns and moves.

Most of these wonderful creations are made at a china garment factory and this is generally due to the low costs and the great workmanship. Tons of beads and sequins have to be sewn on to the ballroom dress and Latin dress and this is usually done by hand. They have to be of top quality as well, because you cannot have beads falling off while the dancer is on the floor. For the men, t shirts are the main items of clothing that allows them to move freely and express themselves. These t shirts have to made of stretchy fabric that is durable such as lycra and with many of the ballroom and Latin dances, these t shirts are also heavily embellished which is also done at the china garment factory.

For the men's and ladies duos, the costumes usually match and this must also be done with care and precision so that it looks fantastic for the show or competition. The most stunningly decorated of the dance dresses is the Latin dress. This will usually be made very short and using little fabric.

It is meant to be sexy and will show off a dancer's figure and legs to allow judges to see the precise movements that are necessary to get high scores. These dresses are covered with sparkles, sequins, beading, borders and much more. The ballroom dress on the other hand is long and flowing with full skirts to emphasize the fluidity of movements that are required. It must seem as thought the dancer is almost floating. The bottom of the dress will usually be decorated with feathers and sequins will often be used on the bodice for a pretty effect under the lights.

While the men's t shirts are harder to make masculine, there are a few things that one can add to make them stand out. Sometimes the t shirts are kept plain and in the ballroom numbers they are usually long sleeved. Some competitions will require the men to be in black and white to let the woman shine.

For certain competitions, shows and sections like the Latin numbers, the men can go wild. They can have sequins, glittered bands, beads and much more. To make it more masculine the lines are kept sharp and straight and the cut is very neat. Bands around the sleeves are often seen to show off the dancer's strong arms and lead your eyes to fancy gestures and lifts.

These are just some of the accents that can be used to spruce up a dance dress and with those like ballroom and Latin, the manufacturers and designers can really have fun. Many people do not understand the dynamics of the fancy, colorful costumes, but they do add a flavor and flair and if you think about it, the dance would not look nearly as great without the dramatic dresses and t shirts.

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